Photographs by Norman Jean Roy
Clockwise from top: SARAH HYLANDHaley Dunphy on Modern Family.Hyland’s first professional role was playing Howard Stern’s daughter in Private Parts at age five.RICO RODRIGUEZManny Delgado on Modern Family.Though only 13, Rodriguez owns a 1949 Chevy Fastback Deluxe.MORGAN SAYLORDana Brody on Homeland.For medical reasons, Saylor once had a titanium plate put in her leg. She later had the plate removed and turned into a necklace charm.KIERNAN SHIPKASally Draper on Mad Men.Unlike most 12-year-olds, Shipka claims Grace Kelly as a style inspiration rather than Nicki Minaj.AUBREY ANDERSON-EMMONSLily Tucker-Pritchett on Modern Family.Aside from starring on an Emmy-winning network sitcom, Anderson-Emmons is looking forward to playing a starfish in her pre-school play.

ARIEL WINTERAlex Dunphy on Modern Family.Winter landed her first job in a Cool Whip commercial at age six.ANGUS T. JONESJake Harper on Two and a Half Men.Earning a reported $300,000 per episode, Jones—until he turned 18 last October—was the highest-paid child actor on TV; according to his publicist, he likes to “collect quirky socks.”GRAHAM PHILLIPSZach Florrick on The Good Wife.Phillips was a vocal soloist on Meat Loaf’s 2006 album, Bat out of Hell III.
MAKENZIE VEGAGrace Florrick on The Good Wife.She appeared in the first Saw when she was just 10 years old.ALYSON HANNIGANLily Aldrin on How I Met Your Mother.Hannigan babysat for Bob Saget when she was a teenager; Saget now narrates How I Met Your Mother.NOLAN GOULDLuke Dunphy on Modern Family.Gould, 13, is a member of Mensa, and is four grades ahead in school.

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