Sunday Afternoon Movies: Silver Linings Playbook


Went to see this yesterday. Loved it! It’s a really heartwarming movie that can make you laugh and cry. Great mix of drama and comedy. Bradley and Jennifer are amazing and so is Robert De Niro and the rest of the cast. 8.8/10

Sunday Afternoon Movies: Moonrise Kingdom


A very peculiar, strange, crazy beautiful movie, just like the two kids who are the main characters. I loved the story and the cinematography! If you are a film lover, it’s a must-watch. 8.5/10

Sunday Afternoon Movies: Super 8


Haven’t done these in a while! (sorry!)

So today I recommend you Super 8, a movie directed by J.J. Abrams. I loved the “blue” visual of the movie and it’s inner story and details much more than the actual alien story. What makes the movie a very good one is the great acting of the kids - Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney and in fact all the others, and the 1979 scenario. I love film, so I really liked that these kids were making a super 8 film on their own. Overall - 8/10

Sunday Afternoon Movies: Music & Lyrics


Music & Lyrics is heart-warming movie. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore play funny unique characters. If you like music, and romantic comedies, this is one to see. 7.5/10

Sunday Afternoon Movies: August Rush


If you are a music lover, August Rush is a must-watch movie. Great performances, great soundtrack, nice story. 8/10

Sunday Afternoon Movies: Easy A


Easy A, starring Emma Stone, may seem like any other dumb comedy movie, but it is so not. It has some really cleaver lines, different characters and a very funny story. Make sure you watch it! You’ll definitely have a good laugh! 8.5/10

Sunday Afternoon Movies: Juno


This Sunday: Juno, with Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons, written by Diablo Cody.

It is a great comedy/drama about a teenager who gets pregnant. A different movie with unusual, very funny characters! Don’t miss it! 9/10

Sunday Afternoon Movies: Little Miss Sunshine

Starting a post every sunday showing awesome movies you should watch.

This sunday - Little Miss Sunshine!

It’s a very heart-warming funny movie, with great performances! 

Here’s the trailer:

(though I would recommend that you watch the movie without having watched the trailer)